The Restaurant


Conti is a restaurant founded on the love of tradition, but also on the courage to embrace change. Located in the heart of the historical centre of Roncadelle, it offers a surprising culinary experience, made up of new and suggestive flavours and dishes with a familiar atmosphere.

The Lucky Hand

Since 1800

Thanks to a very lucky game of briscola, the Conti family acquired ownership of the very building where the restaurant is now located and which, at the time, was the Trattoria dello Zuavo. The restaurant remained in business throughout the 19th century and for most of the following century. In the 1980s, it was renovated, modernised and it reopened on the 6th of September 1985. Managed by the Conti family, the restaurant is run by Giuseppina, the sommelier and dining room manager, Franco and Andrea, the chefs, and for many years now it has been supported by excellent collaborators, who are now an integral part of the Conti family.

Family and tradition

From generation to generation

Conti Ristorante remains, even after centuries, a family-run business, just as Nonna Mariarosa envisioned it in 1985 when she opened what was once called Trattoria Conti. Her daughter Giuseppina and her husband Franco have worked with determination and dedication to bring the family business into the 21st century. Their vision and ideas have slowly transformed the trattoria into a modern restaurant with a more sophisticated and refined culinary concept. A change that has consequently led to the new name: Conti Ristorante. This transition was accelerated by the involvement of Andrea, Franco and Giuseppina’s son, who, after several years of studies and work experiences in Michelin-starred restaurants, returned to the family to bring innovation and a more researched culinary approach, making changes and bringing a distinctive mark to the dishes.

Passion in the kitchen

Passion in the kitchen

A refined and up-to-date cuisine

Conti Ristorante has gone through 36 years of changes, adapting and experimenting both from a gastronomic and culinary point of view with the dishes served and also by reimagining the aesthetics and ambience of the restaurant. The attention to the choice of the best raw materials, the refinement of the dishes and the constant research of new culinary techniques are the restaurant’s greatest assets. A culinary approach that brings a breath of fresh air to diners through creative and careful combinations, from the kitchen to the wine cellar.

An innovative and creative restaurant

Conti Ristorante is always on the lookout for new and creative solutions to reconcile the needs of its guests with the best quality in the kitchen to make the moments spent in the restaurant a pleasant occasion to relax and enjoy good company. Conti Ristorante can accommodate up to 60 guests, well spaced out thanks to the three spacious and comfortable rooms that help ensure the privacy of all guests. In summer it also has an outdoor courtyard, a green space where more guests can be accommodated to enjoy the beautiful sunny days.